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Believe - Act

Grounded in carefully selected Scripture—like The Story—Believe is a church-wide spiritual growth experience, teaching believers of all ages how to think, act, and be more like Jesus.

The format is flexible, consisting of an introduction and three 10-week modules revealing the key beliefs, practices, and virtues of a Christ-follower. Age-appropriate books and curriculum equip churches to teach core doctrines, deepen discipleship, and grow in community as the entire congregation learns together.

Experience the unity and lasting transformation that comes from knowing what we believe, understanding in our hearts why it matters, and living like Jesus calls us to live.

You know the story. Now live the story. Believe.

Sharing My Faith TOPIC Sharing My Faith

I share my faith with others to fulfill God's purposes. HOW we share our…

Giving My Resources TOPIC Giving My Resources

I give my best resources to fulfill God's purposes.

Offering My Time TOPIC Offering My Time

I invest my time in fulfilling God's purposes.

Spiritual Gifts TOPIC Spiritual Gifts

I know my spiritual gifts and use them to fulfill God's purposes.

Biblical Community TOPIC Biblical Community

I fellowship with other Christians to accomplish God's purposes in my life,…

Total Surrender TOPIC Total Surrender

I dedicate my life to God's purposes.

Single Mindedness TOPIC Single Mindedness

I focus on God and His priorities for my life. Keeping your eyes on Jesus…

Bible Study TOPIC Bible Study

I study the Bible to know God and His truth and to find direction for my…

Prayer TOPIC Prayer

I pray to God to know him, to find direction for my life, and lay my requests…

Worship TOPIC Worship

I worship God for who He is and what He has done for me.

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