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The Code is the D.N.A, the defining character of Epiphany Station. It is because of the D.N.A of our church that we are a church that will always be characterized by our call to:

Love God Love People + Reach Thousands

Teach the Bible Relevantly + Worship Soulfully + Pray Passionately

Serve Sacrificially + Give Radically

Be Intentional about Fellowship + Let Christ Transform Us

Go and Embrace More

Where we Go TOPIC Where we Go

Unfortunately the audio has been lost due to technical issues.

What We Give TOPIC What We Give

Everything belongs to God.

How We Grow TOPIC How We Grow

The way we grow in Godliness is by connecting our mind, heart and soul…

Who We Are TOPIC Who We Are

We are the Church. We are Disciples. We are God’s Children. We are Ambassadors.…

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