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Under Construction

An expositional teaching through the book of Colossians. A journey of faith is a demolition, construction and an ongoing renovation process through which we can truly be built upon something solid, be structurally sound, be useful, be a joyous home, a temple of the Lord.

A Beautiful Build TOPIC A Beautiful Build

Wrapping up the series Under Construction.

Outside the Building TOPIC Outside the Building

How to represent God and "how to be a Christian."

God's House TOPIC God's House

Discuss a Christian's view on controversial topics.

Structural Supports TOPIC Structural Supports

Would a”from scratch” you look different from a renewed you?

Wood, Hammer, and Nails TOPIC Wood, Hammer, and Nails

Realize that you need to put your sin to death.

The Right Tools TOPIC The Right Tools

Our connection to God is direct.

Getting to work TOPIC Getting to work

How we respond to what we've received.

Laying the Foundation Part 2 TOPIC Laying the Foundation Part 2

Continuing the conversation from part 1.

Laying the Foundation Part 1 TOPIC Laying the Foundation Part 1

What is our inheritance from God?

Architect's Drawings TOPIC Architect's Drawings

How Colossians provides a blueprint for loving God.

Building Inspection TOPIC Building Inspection

Who, why and what is Colossians?

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