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Breakin' the Law

We live in a very religious community here in Thief River Falls where people are very nice and moral, but still spiritually bankrupt. Few people understand what it means to actually be a “Christian” who has a relationship with Jesus rather than a Lutheran (Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, etc.) who goes to church.

The truth is, religion is a man-made institution that people use to help them understand God and themselves. It’s a good idea. The problem is, it doesn’t work. Religious laws and rules may make for “good people,” but they don’t lead to spiritual transformation. How can you possibly keep up with all the rules? It seems like they’re just setting you up so people can guilt and judge you when you fail. The seemingly endless lists of rules rob people of the true joy that comes from a relationship with God.
What if there was a way to know God without all the rules? What if you could learn to do the right thing without an exhaustive checklist to follow? What if you could break free from the laws of religion and truly live? Love? Worship? Serve?
Jesus didn’t come to break all the religious laws, but to fulfill their original purpose (Matthew 5:17). He said that the purpose of all the religious laws can be summed up with this one statement: Love God and love people (Matthew 22:37-40). Why do we have to make it so complex and confusing?
In this series, we’ll answer questions like:
How good do you have to be to get to heaven?
How can one possibly obey all the rules?
What is the purpose of being a Christian?
How do you grow in your knowledge of God and change as a person?
What does true religion look like?

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