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How Dare God?!

This 11-week series challenges our assumptions about God and what He expects from His followers.

Is This It? TOPIC Is This It?

Wrapping up the How Dare God teaching series.

Stay out of my Bedroom! TOPIC Stay out of my Bedroom!

Millie teaches about adultery and what God has to say about it.

Macro Revolution TOPIC Macro Revolution

Our founding pastor Jeff Gauss teaches us about the 9th commandment (for…

What's Mine is Mine! TOPIC What's Mine is Mine!

Mary tells us how God wants us to use our possessions for his will.

Is God Really Pro Life? TOPIC Is God Really Pro Life?

How simple the sixth commandment is, and why it is even a commandment at…

God's Family TOPIC God's Family

How the fifth commandment is different but similar to the other four.

My way or the Highway TOPIC My way or the Highway

What the sabbath means to us and why it is a commandment.

What's in a name? TOPIC What's in a name?

How God wants us to treat the Lord's name meaningfully.

Creator vs. created TOPIC Creator vs. created

Why God wants us to put him first in worship.

God vs. gods TOPIC God vs. gods

God desires to be the one god of your life.

How Dare Jesus? TOPIC How Dare Jesus?

Jesus claimed to be God. That was like someone saying they landed in America…

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