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Connecting Church

This series covers a roadmap from connecting ourselves to God and people, to helping others get connected in the same way.

Connecting w/The Kingdom TOPIC Connecting w/The Kingdom

Connecting with the truth that the Kingdom of God is more valuable than…

Connecting w/Community TOPIC Connecting w/Community

How the church connects with its community.

Note: Due to a power failure…

Connecting w/Church TOPIC Connecting w/Church

Connect with the original intention of the church and its directive from…

Connecting w/Real Life TOPIC Connecting w/Real Life

How we can use the Bible to help us understand and connect to real life.

Connecting w/Worship TOPIC Connecting w/Worship

How and why we need to connect to God with worship.

Connecting w/Prayer TOPIC Connecting w/Prayer

Connecting to God and Jesus through prayer.

Connecting w/Jesus Christ TOPIC Connecting w/Jesus Christ

We are hardwired, like phones, to connect to Jesus.

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